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    Sales Data
    • document types: ticket, refund, MCO, exchange, excess baggage, ADM/ACM, void, etc.
    • detailed ticket description: airline, ticket number, transferred fare and tax amounts, currency, sales agent, sales date, sales report, payment, commission, VAT, credit card, fare basis, fare calculation, referred ticket, passenger name, data source, endorsements, transferred taxcodes, customer, invoice number, accounting information
    • for each coupon: reservation data, planned flight date, routing, carrier, flight number, class, fare and tax values, fare basis, stopover vs. transit
    • various interfaces: BSP, ARC, TCN, PEV, Co-Host-TKT
    • own and other airline documents
    • document history, documentation of manual changes
    • ticket stock administration and blacklist manager
    • analysis of monetary value for flown and expired tickets ('open items')

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